Announcements from Microsoft:

Meeting recordings are stored in Microsoft Stream cloud storage. Recordings are retained and available for viewing and download for 21 days. Currently, the meeting recording feature is turned off for customers whose Teams data is stored in-country if Microsoft Stream isn’t available in the in-country data residency region where the data is stored. In the future, the meeting recording feature will be turned on for customers whose data is stored in-country even if Microsoft Stream isn’t available in the in-country data residency region.


When this change takes effect, meeting recordings will be stored by default in the nearest geographic region for Microsoft Stream. If your Teams data is stored in-country and you prefer to store meeting recordings in-country, we recommend that you turn off the feature, and then turn it on after Microsoft Stream is deployed to your in-country data residency region. To turn off the feature for all users in your organization, turn off the Allow cloud recording setting in the Global Teams meeting policy, which is in the Microsoft Teams admin center.


Detailed here – https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftteams/cloud-recording

Announcing the general availability of Immersive Reader and other enhancements to improve learning engagement.

Azure Synapse Analytics is a new type of analytics platform that enables you to accelerate your time-to-insight with a unified experience and—just as important—save on costs while doing so.

Azure Data Share in-place Sharing for Azure Data Explorer, now generally available, enables you to share big data easily and securely between internal departments and with external partners, vendors, or customers for near real-time collaboration.

The trend toward the use of massive AI models to power a large number of tasks is changing how AI is built and applied to enable powerful new capabilities.

Effective August 1, 2020, Microsoft will release a new Dynamics 365 Sales Premium bundle offer for customers in all programs and regions where Dynamics 365 Enterprise and Dynamics 365 Sales Insights are already available.

Sales Premium is a new combined offer consisting of Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise and Dynamics 365 Sales Insights. New SKU, licensed per user


14 September  |  08:00  
Azure Sentinel: Empowering the Azure Community with Pre-recorded Datasets

15 September  |  12:00  
Azure Sales Play Webinar Series: Azure File Sync

16 September  |  14:00  
Microsoft CRM & ERP in the Cloud

16 September  |  15:30  
Teams talk: Voice on Teams

16 September  |  08:00  
Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection

17 September  |  08:00  
CyberX: Demo and Azure IoT/OT Security Deep Dive

23 September  |  14:00  
CSP Server Subscription Program Insights Session 3

29 September  |  08:00  
Azure Sentinel: Enabling Entity Behavior Analytics | Hunting for Insider Threats

30 September  |  08:00  
Azure Sentinel: Unleash your Azure Sentinel automation Jedi tricks and build Logic Apps Playbooks like a Boss


Azure Sales Play Toolkit
As part of First Distribution’s support to help you drive upsell opportunities, and evoke your Azure Journey, First Distribution have made assets available.
Microsoft 365 Battlecards 
As part of First Distribution’s support to help you drive upsell opportunities, and evoke your Microsoft 365 Journey, First Distribution have made assets available.
ATP eBook
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Dynamics 365 Video
Trial Environment Setup Guide.

Did You Know

Operations updates:

When placing an order on License Central it is very important to provide complete and correct information for the End User

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Before ordering any Non-Profit subscription for your customer, the customer must register with Microsoft to qualify for the Non-Profit offers.

This link provides all the qualifying criteria needed to register:


Once registration is approved, Microsoft will create a tenant for the customer.

You can then place an order with First Distribution for the required products.

We will send you the Reseller Relationship Link to link the tenant to our Partner Center and provision the licenses.

Education offers

To qualify for Education offers the customer must be validated as a registered Education Institution.

If the customer is not already validated as such, we can do the validation from our side.

In order to do that, we need a copy of the customer’s registration certificate, proving that this is indeed a qualifying registered institution.

VERY IMPORTANT: A tenant will only validate for Education if the customer details on Partner Center are 100% correct and complete.

This means the Organizational information must be correct and complete with the details of the institution and not that of the Partner.

If you are transacting via Webstore, you will have to place your first order for a new Education tenant manually with the Ops Team as we must do the validation first before any subscriptions can be added

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