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For most organisations, security continues to be a number one priority. The reality is that yesterday’s security models with layered perimeter defences are simply no longer relevant in an always-on world with myriad devices and access points. But with many choices, products and approaches, it can be hard to navigate the best path forward.

That’s where “6 steps to build a holistic security strategy with Microsoft 365” can help. This free eBook details how to create a holistic, comprehensive strategy proved out by real companies that have made security a cornerstone of their business.

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Azure Key Vault is now an events publisher with Azure Event Grid, enabling developers to subscribe to events about keys, certificates, and secrets changes.

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Azure Key Vault is now an events publisher with Azure Event Grid, enabling developers to subscribe to events about keys, certificates, and secrets changes.

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Azure Key Vault is now an events publisher with Azure Event Grid, enabling developers to subscribe to events about keys, certificates, and secrets changes.

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Achieve unified management and access control across Azure resources, Azure Key Vault and keys, certificates, and secrets.

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The Azure Sphere OS update 20.10 is now available for evaluation via the Retail Eval feed. The 20.10 evaluation release includes an OS update as well as a special evaluation version of the SDK for use during this period.

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You can now enable continuous data export from your Log Analytics workspaces to an Azure Storage Account or Azure Event Hubs.

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Secure your line of business applications with Private Endpoints

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Isolate environments from unwanted traffic with Azure DevTest Labs.

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Explore Azure DevTest Labs in UAE North, Germany West Central and Norway East regions.

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The latest update for Microsoft R Open 4.0.2 (downloadable for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms) includes improvement to the performance of the merge function and adds an option to better handle zero-length arguments to the paste and paste0 functions.

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Now in general availability, the algorithm used in the open source t-digest extension allows high performance percentile calculations on sizable distributed analytical workloads with improved accuracy.

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Computer Vision, part of Azure Cognitive Services, now offers an updated image captioning capability that has achieved human parity based on the Novel Object Captioning at Scale (NOCAPS) benchmark.

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Announcing a general availability release that solves one of our customers’ pain points; the ability to bring a newer version of R and Python they may be using in their own companies.

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Utilize distributed transactions (now in preview) and save time when migrating existing applications that require this capability as it eliminates the need to change application code and to perform extensive testing.

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Increase reliability in the Azure Cache for Redis premium tier even further with up to four nodes for redundancy; a primary and three replicas that can be distributed across multiple availability zones. This setup protects you against a datacenter-level outage, increasing availability up to a 99.95 percent level.

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Service Fabric managed clusters reduce complexity and issues associated with managing a cluster made up of multiple resources.

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A managed JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (EAP) experience is now available in Public Preview on Azure App Service. Deploy your Web Application Archive (WAR) and Enterprise Application Archive (EAR) apps to a PaaS for Java EE apps.

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You can now use Azure Synapse Workspace to access your data in Azure Data Explorer using Apache Spark pool

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2 December  |  12:00
Understanding your true currency rate & Microsoft CSP billing.

3 December  |  12:00
Azure Webinar Series: Azure Sentinel.

8 December  |  17:00
Art of the Possible: Meetings Made Smarter.

10 December  |  12:00
Azure Webinar Series: Windows Virtual Desktop.

17 December  |  12:00
Azure Webinar Series: Disaster Recovery on Azure.



New Dynamics 365 licensing guide.


Azure Sales Play: Windows Server


Azure Sales Play: SQL on Azure


Azure Sales Play: SAP on Azure


Azure Sales Play: Disaster Recovery



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