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Moving into the cloud can be daunting for businesses but the benefit is outperforming the myths. The use of cloud technology is on the rise as businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the multiple benefits cloud computing can have in terms of efficiency and profitability. Whether itís private, public, hybrid, or a mix of various cloud computing models, the technology is ever increasing. Businesses are working on transferring more IT operations to the cloud.

First Distribution powered by <company name> has an array of skilled and certified resources to support you in your business objectives to become leaner, smarter, and more efficient while working in the cloud.

Azure provides a wealth of functionality to modernize your business operations, IT resources, and removes the barriers of OPEX. What is more important is that you do not need to do it all at once.



SQL on Azure brings you:

Acceleration on your on-premises SQL Server migrations without changing the application code with Managed Instance. SQL on Azure brings the latest SQL Server capabilities in the cloud with an evergreen SQL database that requires no patching or upgrading from you. Use the Azure Hybrid Benefit for industry leading TCO.

Enjoy additional deployment flexibility with Single Database for SQL applications created in the cloud, or Elastic Pool for multi-tenant applications.

Why Customers Choose SQL on Azure:

  • The need for a database for an internally developed application.
  • For this application to be accessed from 5 different locations abroad, connecting users to a server each time would create security vulnerability, they want a more secure and centralised platform to prevent this. 
  • They do not want to spend effort on backup, maintenance and licensing issues on the database that will keep application data.
  • Having management and backup problems in local databases (database backup systems are troublesome; they need technical support even in small problems in databases).
  • Intent to move their internal applications slowly to Azure.
  • Old version SQL usage, production interruption during each upgrade, security risks to be faced if no patch, update or upgrade takes place, risk of data loss.
  • The customer uses an old version of SQL, wants to upgrade it but there is not enough technical staff.
  • Upgrade projects are both expensive and risky.
  • Customer has multiple SQL Servers for multiple databases and plans to make consolide.
  • SQL Server capacity is not enough, they have to make hardware investment. Hardware investment also means SQL investment and costs are getting higher.
  • The customer is uneasy about providing SQL security besides SQL maintenance. When protection of personal data law is considered, there are too many firms infiltrated personal data because of database attacks. Besides, zero-day attacks are a big problem and huge investments are needed in this subject.


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