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A Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Program Guide update is coming

Applicable to: Direct bill partners, indirect providers, and indirect resellers transacting through the CSP program

Workspace: General

The CSP Program Guide contains the terms and conditions governing commercial marketplace offers between Microsoft and partners in the CSP program. In the updated CSP Program Guide, AmericanSamoa, Guam (both originally from the list of Australia regions and markets), and Northern Mariana Islands (originally from the list of New Zealand regions and markets) will move to the United States regions and market list. The transacting currency for these regions will also be changed to United States Dollars. The updated CSP Program Guide will go into effect automatically on October 12, 2023, without any other action required from partners.

Monthly update: Reminder of actions partners need to take with GDAP to secure the partner ecosystem

Applicable to: Direct bill partners, indirect providers, and indirect resellers transacting through the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program and with advisors

Workspace: Account settings

Important capabilities and updates to improve your security posture and protect your customers’ tenants are now available. This announcement provides information on the transition from Delegated Admin Privileges (DAP) to Granular Delegated Admin Privileges (GDAP), including updates relevant to this change.

Monthly Update: What's new for Solutions Partner designations, Specializations, and other program benefits

Applicable to: Partners enrolled in the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program

Workspace: Membership

Important capabilities, offers, and updates have been introduced to improve the way partners can further differentiate their deep technical expertise across a set of priority scenarios with high customer demand. These include the new Training Services Partner and Partner Support Services designations.

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Register and join our live monthly webinars for the latest CSP licensing information that’s available to all partners. Topics will change each month, and each session will end with the “Did you see” section that covers smaller announcements for the month. The webinars will be recorded.

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Register and join our live monthly CSP Q&A community calls with the Microsoft Business Operations team, where you can ask our subject matter experts questions and get clarity on important launch topics and recent changes. The community calls will be recorded.

New commerce experience for Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Power Platform, and Windows 365 in the CSP program session

In October 2021, Microsoft started bringing seat-based cloud offers to the new commerce experience for Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and Power Platform, as well as Windows 365. This session is designed to help Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) partners learn, understand, and get ready to transact Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Power Platform, and Windows 365 offers in the new commerce experience. These offer types are being added to Microsoft’s new commerce platform, with new functionalities, capabilities, and policies that differ from the legacy CSP provisioning platform.

Join us to learn more and get ready! You can view upcoming dates and times or listen to previously recorded sessions by registering.