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Azure PEC

Azure Admin and Partner Credits: Maximising Benefits and Impact

Azure Admin offers centralised management, scalability, security, automation, a wide service portfolio, and community support. It also provides rebate benefits for increased revenue, growth, profitability, and long-term partnership.

Rebate benefits

Rebate Benefits of Azure Admin on behalf of a CSP Distributor

These rebate benefits incentivise and reward CSP distributors for their efforts in promoting and driving Azure adoption, ultimately leading to increased revenue, profitability, and long-term business growth.


As an Azure Admin working on behalf of a Microsoft CSP Indirect Distributor, you may have opportunities to earn credits through various partner programs.

Here are some ways you can earn credits as an admin on behalf of a partner:


Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) Competencies

Microsoft offers several competencies within the Microsoft Partner Network that partners can achieve by meeting certain criteria, such as demonstrating expertise in specific areas or industries. By attaining competencies related to Azure, such as the “Cloud Platform” or “Datacenter” competency, you can earn partner program credits.


Azure Expert Managed Service Provider (MSP) Program

If your organisation qualifies as an Azure Expert MSP, you may earn credits through this program. To become an Azure Expert MSP, you must meet stringent criteria for technical expertise, customer success, and service capabilities. Once recognised as an Azure Expert MSP, you can benefit from additional incentives and rewards.


Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Incentives

Microsoft offers various incentives and rewards for CSP partners based on their performance and business growth. These incentives can include financial rewards, rebates, or credits based on meeting specific targets, such as increasing Azure consumption or driving customer acquisition.


Azure Sponsorship Programs

Microsoft occasionally runs sponsorship programs that offer credits to partners who meet certain criteria or participate in specific initiatives. These programs may focus on promoting new Azure services, encouraging partner-led customer migrations, or driving adoption in specific industries or regions.


Azure Marketplace

 If you develop and publish solutions on the Azure Marketplace, you may be eligible to earn credits. Microsoft provides incentives to partners who create and sell Azure-based solutions through the marketplace, encouraging innovation and expanding the ecosystem.


As an Azure Admin working on behalf of a partner, your actions and contributions can directly impact the partner’s earned credits. Here’s how your role as an Azure Admin can affect partner earned credits:

By actively fulfilling your role as an Azure Admin and aligning your efforts with the partner’s goals, you can positively influence the partner’s earned credits. It’s essential to stay aligned with the partner’s business objectives, leverage your technical expertise, and maintain open communication to maximise the impact of your contributions on partner credits.

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