Microsoft is taking a significant step to simplify licensing by introducing perpetual software license purchases through the new commerce experience, as part of Cloud Solution Provider program for partners.
Starting January 2021, all partners enrolled in the Cloud Solution Provider program will be able to sell commercial perpetual software licenses for on-premise deployment through CSP. This will give customers the licensing flexibility they need as part of their digital transformation.

Now more than ever the Commercial Program is cheaper than Open with First Distribution.

SQL on Azure

Windows Remote Desktop

Windows Server

Promotion ends: 1 December 2020

What did the Open Program include:

Microsoft Open programs, Open Value and Open License, are a simple, cost-effective way for small and midsize organisations to acquire Microsoft user licensing.

Why switch to CSP:

As Cloud is evolving and the way in which we leverage technology is changing the best way of supporting customers going forward will be through the Microsoft CSP program. The emphasis in remote work, increased productivity and collaboration are only a few reasons for moving to a Cloud.
Embracing technology is a top-down approach. From a First Distribution perspective, we drive awareness and demand through our partner ecosystem on the various Microsoft Cloud technologies to best equip our channel to take these offers to the various markets, industries, and segments – your customers.
Your opportunity in building out an annuity-based business.
Flexibility to scale as you grow.
All productivity and collaboration technologies built into one offering.
Increase your profitability.

The differences between the programs:



Cloud Solution Provider Program

Open Licensing

Minimum seats



Add/remove seats



Customer transactions

Indirect provider and Indirect Reseller Collaboration


Customer Support

Indirect provider and Indirect Reseller Collaboration


Billing cadence

Pay as you go


Product Availability

All Microsoft Online services

All Microsoft Online Services and On- Prem services

Microsoft Azure availability



Partner Compensation

Margin (through indirect provider) + incentive (from MS)

Margin (through indirect provider) + incentive (from MS; likely to removed)

Duration of agreement

Twelve months (evergreen agreement)

Depends on program selected (between 1 and years) en 1 and year

The future is bright:

Be part of the bright future in driving Microsoft Cloud technologies as this has the ability to enable change in all aspects of the digital economy and the transformation of every organisation. This includes shopping, conducting business, delivering healthcare, entertainment, and staying connected with a social world.
Microsoft CSP is the best mechanism in driving the aspirations and objectives of our customers. Digital, remote work, enhanced collaboration are all key parts of organisational objectives.

Learn more about Microsoft licensing options and the First Distribution promise.

First For Cloud Value Proposition PDF

First Distribution: Enabling and scaling the partner network in South Africa PDF

  • Help our partners access greater market share.
  • Specialise in helping partners guide customers in how the right Microsoft Cloud, on-premises, or hybrid products and solutions improve product efficiency and drive productivity in businesses.
  • Offer an unrivalled level of expertise and highly skilled staff.